The Best Sweet 80 cent Coffee

The best sweet $.80 coffee in Philadelphia is by far the Golden Donut on 9th and Christian in the Italian Market. :)


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Trip to the Beach

My man and I went to Cape May two weekends ago for a little get away from the city.  We stayed and The White Dove Cottage.  It’s a cute little B&B two blocks from the beach.

Of course as soon as we got there we hit the beach.  It was pretty crowded but still enjoyable. We ate lunch at one of the pizza places right on the beach and just lounged for the first few hours. It was nice to have no worries and bask in the sun for a little.

Then we walked to get a bottle of wine for dinner and cleaned up to go watch the sunset and the edge of the bay. 

Being from the west coast I have seen this sight an uncountable amount of times but Shawn on the other hand has not.  It was nice to see it living on the east coast now.

:) Super Romantic

haha duh…


     So to me the sunset doesn’t end until it is fully dark, if you’ve even seen the sunset on the water before you know that once the sun goes out of sight it is still light for another 10-15 min, but everyone that was watching the sunset from the beach left as soon as the sun was gone.  That left Shawn and I on the beach to snuggle up for the rest of the sunset together.  We enjoyed our Stone IPA as we waited for it to get dark, the smell of the ocean and the gentle breeze was a missed experience since living in the city. After the sunset we figured we would go to a cute BYOB spot with the wine we had bought earlier and enjoy a relaxing dinner. MISTAKE… nothing was open…sad.  After walking up and down the main road trying to find the few spots we had preplanned on being ok and realizing that none of them were open, we settled on a bar that I will leave nameless.  The food was basically inedible and the wine sat in a brown bag under the table. Also, the cover band that was playing inside while we sat outside was extremely romantic with their covers of Guns and Roses and Uncle Kracker.  We turned in after dinner, I think both just hoping that sleeping would take the stomach aches, we both had, away. 

     The next day, after breakfast, was ALL ABOUT THE BEACH.  As soon as we got there Shawn put on his SPF 40 and I put on my tanning oil.  We laid out all day and played in the ocean… ofcourse until Shawn saw a jellyfish in the water and I was done for the day.  I did a lot of laying out and Shawn did a lot of reading… all together is was an awesome experience.  We enjoyed ourselves thoroughly and there will probably be a trip back there in the future.

OH AND ONE OTHER THING… since I decided against not wearing sunblock and got PRETTY CRISPY for days I hoped for no peeling….

No such luck, I have been peeling for 4 days and I hate every second of it.

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Shawn Ryan: Hurrah July Mix »


Here are my early sets from Hurrah last week…

Hurrah July Mix | Mediafire

01. Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson - Trans Europa Express
02. Thorsten Graeber - African Beauty (Neuroxyde Remix)
03. Benoit & Sergio - Walk And Talk
04. Daniel Dexter - Tom Tom
05. Joey Negro Presents…

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Love affair.

Love affair.

I like.

My man knows exactly what to play when I’m not feeling to hot.  This should make every girl smile.

I need these.

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always want.

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Easter. Food. Family.

Easter. Food. Family.



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